Will Smith considers running for President with Dave Chappelle as Vice-President

Headlines 24/09/2018

Well if Donald Trump can do it, why can't I?

That seems to be the question a lot of celebrities have been asking themselves ever since Trump won the 2016 electiis morningon.

Several celebrity names have been thrown into the hypothetical presidential race including Dwayne Johnson, Oprah, and now Will Smith apparently.

Smith was recently performing at a Dave Chappelle hosted event, where both he and Chappelle were asked about their Presidential aspirations:

"You would vote for me if I ran? I’ma consider it," joked Will. "I’ma take that under advisement.” Chappelle seemed ready to hit the campaign trail, as he answered, “And I’ll be the Vice President, that way nothing bad will happen to Will.” 

The upcoming Presidential elections already sound more like an episode of celebrity Big Brother, but we can't deny it sounds entertaining!