WATCH: J. Cole breaks down during incredible dedication to Mac Miller

Headlines 10/09/2018

Mac Miller's death over the weekend has sent shock-waves around the world, with friends and fans alike sharing their own personal tributes to the 26-year-old rapper.

J.Cole is the latest artist to share a special dedication to his friend and collaborator during his show last night.

The nature of Miller's death is especially poignant for Cole, who is a long-time advocate against drug use and addiction. Cole's most recent album title, KOD, is an acronym for "Kill Our Demons," "King Overdosed," and "Kids On Drugs."

Which makes it a lot easier to understand why Cole was so emotional while talking about the death of his friend and colleague during his show last night.

Cole also produced Mac Miller's track, "Hurt Feelings," off of his new album Swimming.

Check out the dedication below: