Six60 become the first Kiwi band to sell out Western Springs Stadium

Headlines 17/09/2018

From a dodgy student flat in Dunners, to 3 studio albums touring the globe, Six60 have made an almost unparalleled mark on the Kiwi music scene.

And they show absolutely zero signs of slowing down, after becoming the first Kiwi band to ever sell out Western Springs Stadium.

The boys group sold an incredible 50,000 tickets for their upcoming February concert, with more than half of those sales coming in just 24 hours after they went on sale.

Previous acts that have sold out one of NZ's most iconic venues include the likes of Eminem, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac to name a few.

Lead-singer and frontman Matiu Walters acknowledges the monumental task the band set for themselves by choosing Western Springs as their venue, which has now turned into a monumental success:

"Our New Zealand fans have always felt like the sixth member of the band. They follow us around the world and spread our music everywhere they go," he said.

"When we put on a show at home, it's always with the thought of creating an incredible collective experience.

"Western Springs - the idea of 50,000 Kiwis together creating such a historical moment - just felt like it had to happen. It's gonna be an honour for me to be part of the 50,000 and that we can say we sold out Western Springs."

The band have earned their stripes by playing every big Kiwi venue and festival since the release of their first studio album, which was well documented in the music video for their track "Forever," peep the vid up top: