Sheep spotted on top of truck roof on Auckland motorway


Only in Aotearoa!

This is as New Zealand as it gets 😂

By Newshub journalist Megan Sutherland:

An Auckland resident was left shocked but not completely surprised when she saw a sheep on top of truck on the city's motorway.

Ada Rangiwai says she couldn't believe she saw a sheep on top of the truck on the Southern Motorway just past the Takanini turnoff at 5pm on Sunday. 

She posted a video on Facebook that shows the stock truck pulled over on the road side with its hazard lights on. Visible on top of the vehicle is a single sheep, which seems to be calmly standing and enjoying the view of the motorway.

"I've got no idea how it got there," Ms Rangiwai told Newshub.

"We were just driving and saw it.

Only in bloody New Zealand.

She says the traffic was backed up, but the truckie was getting help so they kept on driving. 

The truck was a Heikell Transport vehicle, a livestock transport company, so it's likely there were more sheep inside.

A Heikell Transport spokesman said the company was yet to "catch up" with the driver because he was at a funeral on Monday.

He said it wasn't an issue and would not comment further.