Offset from Migos thinks Kim Kardashian should be President

Headlines 07/09/2018

Kim Kardashian made a visit to the White House this week to speak with Donald Trump about prison reform, something she has been advocating for since the start of the year.

Her actions caught the attention of Migos front-man Offset, who believes Kim's efforts prove that she's a worthy candidate for the US top office.

The "Narcos" rapper praised Kim's work, saying that if she ever decided to run for office, she would have his vote.

"I been through that s**t so it's like being through it first hand, n***a. Them folks don't give a f**k about you. And then to be able to have a second chance, that's a hunnid from Kim K. I f**k with that s**t," he said. "Kim for president."

"She lettin' n***as out of jail that they don't believe to stay in that mothaf**ka. She deserve to be president," he said. "Ain't no other president doing that s**t."

While Kim might not be up for running for top office, she might be able to settle for First Lady if Kanye's 2024 campaign goes well.