MGK admits he won't respond to Eminem's "Killshot" diss

Headlines 21/09/2018

The MGK vs. Eminem beef has been a constant back and forth ever since Em dropped Kamikaze, including two equally as polarising diss tracks.

But it looks as though it might be coming to a close after MGK claimed he wasn't looking to respond to Eminem's "Killshot" diss-track.

During his much anticipated interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, one of the major talking points was whether or not MGK would respond to "Killshot."

People may already be choosing their winners in the beef but MGK considered dropping another track to speak his peace, once and for all.

The 'Rap Devil' rapper explained that he had originally planned to keep up the beef by releasing another diss, but "Killshot" actually stopped him from putting it out.

"I had a clip ready," said MGK, "I heard 'Killshot' and I put that shit back in the holster. I'm like 'Oh word, aight, he called me a mumble rapper dog..."

Machine Gun Kelly is not known for being a mumble rapper in any circles, and if anything, this battle has shown off his natural ability to spit.

Charlamagne asked him why he wouldn't prove his point further by dropping another diss, to which MGK said, "This wasn't even on my path anyway."

Peep the full interview up top: