Live Nation study finds people prefer live music over sex

Headlines 28/09/2018

Sure, sex is great and is literally what brings us all here... but have you ever been to a Kendrick concert?

Live Nation, the popular events promoter, conducted a study called the 'Power of Live', and found that respondents were 10 percent more likely to value live music over sex. 

Surveying the trends and behaviours of 22,500 music fans from 11 different countries, ageing in range from 13-65, Live Nation found that 71% of respondents said “the moments that give me the most life are live experiences.”

The results of the survey suggest people in the digital age are experiencing "sensory deprivation" - we're living too much in a digital world, and are craving more real life experiences. And of course live music is rated to be one of the most emotionally involving experiences we can have.

During the study, fans self-reported that they experienced a mood increase from before to after the show of five times higher. Insane!

So get out there and experience some gigs guys! Good thing summer's coming up and we've got a crazy amount of events for ya - check them out here.