Jacinda Adern kills her US. TV debut on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Headlines 28/09/2018

PM Jacinda Ardern, or 'Cindy' as Fame from the Mai Home Run likes to call her, made her US television debut last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

During her appearance, our PM talked about everything from being stopped for a chat while shopping for maternity bras, and the moment partner Clarke Gayford tripped over at a meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Ardern was introduced by host Colbert (a huge Lord of the Rings fan) as the biggest thing to hit New Zealand since "Frodo dropped the ring into Mt Doom." Some American audience members loved what they saw, even taking to social media saying they wished she was from their country, or that they wanted to move to New Zealand.

The host introduced her as the youngest female world leader and second elected leader in history to have a baby.

There was an audience-wide "awww" when he showed the picture of herself holding baby Neve on her knee during a session of the UN, Ardern then joked that the crowd was admiring her partner Clarke Gayford and not Neve.

Gayford was in the studio audience while baby Neve, who has attracted huge attention in the United States, was backstage.

Peep the full interview up top: