Ja Rule says Eminem's MGK diss reminds him of how "Legendary" he is

Headlines 17/09/2018

Ja Rule vs. Eminem is a well-documented rap beef that most people wil agree was soundly won by the "Lose Yourself" rapper, which saw Ja somewhat fade out of the public eye not long after.

After Eminem name-dropped Ja in Kamikaze, the "Mesmerize" rapper found himself thrust back into the spotlight, which he made sure to take full advantage of.

He's now taken to Instagram to speak more about how Eminem's current feud with MGK reminds him of the pair's own beef, calling himself a "god" in the process.

"The more Em Mentions my name the more I realize how fucking LEGENDARY I am... I was killing the game so hard that all the biggest rappers in the industry (at the time) joined forces to dethrone the God... lmao... in the history of hip hop name another time that has happened let alone accepted... and I handled it like a MAN on the MIC and in them STREETS lol... my music is TIMELESS... love and peace to everybody!!! #Iconn#LebronJamesofthisrapshit#itshardtobeatgoldenstate 🤣👑"