Ice Cube reminds fans "No Vaseline" is still "the best diss of all time"

Headlines 28/09/2018

With rap beefs being all the rage recently, it makes us think back to other classic feuds and the diss-tracks that came out of them. 

Ice Cube had the same idea too, after he jumped on Instagram to remind everyone that his diss record "No Vaseline" stills stands as the best of all-time.

In case ya forget the best diss track of all time 'No Vaseline'

Ice Cube was instrumental in the emergence of NWA, alongside Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella and MC Ren, to whom "No Vaseline" is directed. The record was intended as a wake-up call to his former bandmates who were getting jerked around by their manager Jerry Heller. Ice Cube described the group's work dynamic under Heller as a one-armed "Gang-Bang," he was smart enough to escape.

The track is commonly recognised as one of the hardest diss-tracks of all-time for a number of reasons, from the fact that it was one man against four, the fact he once viewed those men as his friends and peers, and the fact he didn't hold back for a second.

Peep the track down below, and also check out NWA's reaction to the diss from the bigraphical film Straight Outta Compton up top.