Eminem's producer confirms that he's currently working on a response to MGK

Headlines 06/09/2018

Well, the time has come. After firing shots at Eminem, MGK can now expect to hear a much-anticipated response, although it's unclear when it will be released.

In a recent interview with Skoglund16 TV, Shady Records-signed producer (and D12 affiliate) Mr. Porter confirmed speculation that Marshall is currently in the studio, although he also stated that the diss-response is taking second priority to another unrelated project.

"Right now, he in there working," Porter said. "We doing something else right now, but trust me, we'll get to it. I'll tell you this: I wouldn't wanna be [Machine Gun Kelly]. It's great that you took that opportunity and did that, hey, kudos to you, good for you. The one thing that I'm worried about . . . You remember when Thanos threw that whole planet at Iron Man?" According to Porter, Shady's response will be something similar.