EarthGang tease "new Cole x Kendrick album"

Headlines 18/09/2018

It's every hip-hop heads dream, to see the two biggest names in the game, two heavweight titans in their respective field come together and create magic.

Think Biggie and Pac, Jay and Kanye, Snoop and Dre, the list goes on.

For the better part of a decade, rumours have swirled around the idea of a J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar collab joint, constantly sending fans into a frenzy every time it's brought up in coversation.

Atlanta Hip-hop duo EarthGang, signees of Cole’s label Dreamville, recently hijacked the rapper's social to spark some speculation. The group tweeted from Cole's account: "Wassup Mufuckas. Cole left his laptop open so before we leak this new Cole X Kendrick album check this link."

The link that the duo were referring to directed fans to their COLORS show performance of their new single "Up." The single comes off their debut album, Mirrorland. 

You wouldn't be crazy to think that this might all be a ploy to generate attention for their video, but we can surely dream can't we? It is 'Dreamville' after all...