Crowd boos Machine Gun Kelly during show for dissing Eminem

Headlines 19/09/2018

The current Eminem vs. MGK beef has more twists and turns than an old coastal road, making it hard to figure out who's actually coming out on top so far.

But it appears as though Eminem fans have infiltrated MGK's shows after he was booed during his opening performance for Fall Out Boy.

Audience members took to social media to call out MGK for attempting to hype up the crowd by dragging Eminem and performing his diss “Rap Devil,” which just debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Reports say he opened the set by yelling “F**k Marshall Mathers,” and while there were a few sparse cheers from the audience, they were far outweighed by the booing.

The "Rap Devil" rapper apparently told audience members to take a picture with him, but he was wearing a sweatshirt that was covering a soon-to-be revealed t-shirt that featured the album cover for Eminem's "Killshot" diss.

He then turned around and took it off. After taking the photo, MGK was reportedly booed off stage, and the Fall Out Boy show went on.