WATCH: Ariana Grande's ponytail has a mind of it's own in hilarious Jimmy Fallon segment

Headlines 07/09/2018

Ariana Grande is famous for her long and high ponytail, a signature look and style she's carried since her early days on Nickelodeon.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Grande sheds new light on her famous hair and all it's "abilities."

In the skit, Fallon comes over to the 'God Is A Woman' singer’s dressing room to ask for a drink. In a surprise twist, her ponytail does the honors by grabbing the drink for her.

Her hair also answers the phone, hands Grande a tissue, and gives Questlove a terrible autograph on a vinyl copy of Sweetener, to which he responds, “What the f**k?”

Check out the full video up top: