Woman tricks dozens of men into 'The Bachelor' style group date to compete for her heart

Headlines 22/08/2018

The dating game can be hard, and finding the right one can be very time-consuming.

New York based Instagram model, Natasha Aponte, decided to optimize both her time and effort by using Tinder to create a 'Bachelor' style group date with dozens of men.

She asked various men to meet her at Union Square in New York, where the eager dates would arrive only to realise that it was all a competition to get her heart amongst a bunch of other men.

Natasha then proceeded to cut the group by half after telling those of the men who are not single, support Trump, got broken up with and many more, to leave.

She then got the remainders to do pushups and physical tests, and then convince her that they're the one by telling her why she should end up with them over everyone else.

It's unclear thus far how it all ended, or who she ended up settling for, but that's a pretty good first date story for the books.