WATCH: Will Smith performs live with son Jaden on J. Cole's tour

Headlines 31/08/2018

Can you imagine having Will Smith as a dad? He must be the coolest papa around, and only makes that more apparent with his newly released behind the scenes footage of his first performance with his son Jaden.

Will recently surprised fans when he appeared alongside Jaden on stage during the Miami leg of J. Cole's KOD tour.

Will took to his popular Youtube vlog to share the experience, starting the video with "Jaden's first night on tour with J. Cole so we're coming to support."

He played it cool at first but it wasn't long before his inner-dad kicked in. "Jaden's first show. First day. We here and he just left and went to a restaurant like 40 minutes before he's supposed to be onstage," he said, later noting that it's Jada Pinkett-Smith's fault:

"I wanted to be more disciplined with the kids and she had a different point-of-view. So what we get is Jaden, he gonna show up late on the first day of his own tour," he said. "If he don't [make it], it's the Pinkett part of his blood."

Check out the full video below: