Old footage of Miguel being roasted while auditioning for RnB group resurfaces

Headlines 14/08/2018

Miguel is one of the hottest names in RnB, and has been for nearly a decade, but everyone has to start somewhere.

And it seems as though Miguel had a really rough start in music, if a newly resurfaced 2005 video on Twitter is anything to go by.

The singer featured on an episode of reality TV show 'Blowin' Up! Fatty Koo, which was a series that followed the lives of 2000's RnB group 'Fatty Koo.'

In the episode, the group hold an audition for a fresh faced 20-year-old Miguel, but it doesn't go exactly how you'd expect.

Despite showing off his signature, and now legendary, vocal abilities, the group were very "unimpressed" with his efforts.

They can be seen visibly laughing at his audition tape, and even went as far as saying "What the hell is he doing?" 

Now, if you ask us, it sounds as though the entire group are pretty jelous of the "Adorn" singers talent, and unfairly put him on roast because of it.

But we're sure he doesn't mind now, with 4 studio albums, 3 Billboard No.1 hit songs, and a Grammy to keep him distracted.

Catch the full episode below, as well as Miguel's latest single, "Python," to see how far the singer has come, and how "perspective is everything."