WATCH: Ariana Grande laughs off hilarious heckler at show

Headlines 29/08/2018

Most of the time, hecklers suck. They can ruin a show, and they usually end up getting shot down by whoever's performing.

However, Ariana Grande had quite a nice experience with a heckler during her show recently.

The 'God Is A Woman' singer stopped mid-performance to talk to a fan who interrupted her by yelling "WAIT! Start again, I wasn't recording!"

"Did you say 'start again, I wasn't recording?'" Grande asked the fan in a video captured by a fellow audience member.

While most artists would snap at the audience member, Ariana laughed it off and then started singing again.

"I listen! I listen!" she said, which received a few laughs and a loud applause from the crowd.

"Are you ready now? I'm sorry!"