Wasps in the UK are getting drunk at pubs and going on 'Stinging Rampages'

Headlines 13/08/2018

So it turns out that that one mate of yours who turns into a douchebag after too many drinks isn't the only one, Wasps are dicks when they're drunk too.

In a report published by The Daily Mail, apparently "Britain is under attack from 'lager lout' wasps who are going on stinging rampages after getting drunk on fermented fruit and leftover pub-garden cider."

Experts say that just a tiny dose of alcohol can make the wasps 'irritable' and more likely to sting.

According to the 'Sussex Wildlife Trust,' wasps turn to booze and alcoholic decaying fruit at this time of year because a 'tight' band around their abdomen that stops them from eating a conventional diet of flies in later life, and they instead become hooked on sugar.

Most pubs sting your pocket with their prices, now we have to deal with being stung everywhere else? SMH