Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner move seats away from Nicki Minaj at VMA's

Headlines 21/08/2018

Nicki Minaj has been tweeting up a storm this week starting feuds left-right and center, most recently with Travis Scott.

It was reported yesterday that Nicki's latest album Queen, debuted at 2nd on the Billboard Charts behind Travis Scott's Astroworld. Safe to say, she wasn't stoked about that.

Earlier today, it was reported that Nicki would be sitting directly in front of both Travis and Kylie Jenner at the MTV VMA's. Which is just a bad idea whatever way you look at it.

Here's the original seating plan below:

TMZ reported today that Travis and Kylie have been moved to the other side of the room, pretty much as far away from Nicki Minaj as possible.

The shift is said to not have anything to do with the current twitter feud between the two rappers, but the reasoning will undoubtedly cause controversy.

They reportedly don't want the artist with the #2 album (Nicki) on the chart seated in front of Travis, who holds the #1 position on the Billboard 200 for a second week in a row. 

It's probably for the best, although another Nicki Minaj smack down at the VMA's would be hella entertaining. Do we all remember Nicki going off at Miley Cyrus a few years back?

Even if you do, check it out below to see why you don't mess with Nicki: