Tradie wins hearts everywhere after his heartwarming gesture of buying elderly man's McD's meal

Headlines 03/08/2018

Dave, a tradie from across the sitch in Aussie, generously gave $20 and paid for an elderly man's meal at McDonald's.

While waiting behind the gentleman in the line to the counter, Dave noticed him fishing around in his pockets trying to find enough change to pay for his meal. Dave stepped in and paid for the meal without a fuss and generously gave the man a $20 note, insisiting he put it in is pocket.

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, Dave revealed that when he saw the man it made him think of his dad. "When I looked at that man I saw my dad, who has passed away. I just had to help him. Pensioners need our help. I just hope people who see the video remember to do a similar thing in the future."

The elderly man was a widower who had recently lost his daughter.