The internet is ripping Kylie Jenner out after her weird AF cameo in Travis Scott's new music video

Headlines 08/08/2018

Travis Scott dropped the music video for his single 'Stop Trying To Be God' from his brand new album 'Astroworld'. The highly-anticipated album is dope and full of some sick tracks. 

Everyone was well impressed when Trav dropped his first music video for the album yesterday. It came as a bit of surprise, but as always Travis creativity shined through and he had his music video looking like a movie.

But there was a cameo in the video that popped up twice, leaving Travis fans lowkey confused.

Travis Scott's baby mama Kylie Jenner featured at two separate times in the video. Both times the billionaire was seen covered in gold and dripping with diamonds.

One time she is holding a lamb and the other what seems to be Travis Scott's corpse.

This isn't Kylie Jenner's first time in a music video. You may remember her in one of Tyga's old videos.