Nicki Minaj calls out Travis Scott after debuting behind him on the charts

Headlines 20/08/2018

Travis Scott's Astroworld is on top of the Billboard Hot 200 charts for another week, which most people would agree is great news. Nicki Minaj is not most people.

After coming in at the No.2 spot behind Travis with her album Queen, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to rant about the way in which the numbers were calculated:

As you can see, Nicki ain't happy. She's mainly taking aim at the way in which the album sale numbers are calculated.

For example, Travis has been releasing highly sought after merchandise and tour tickets before and after the release of his album.

Despite not technically being from the album itself, the money made from both of those will be added to his overall album sales, as they are considered "album related" purchases, and Nicki is not here for it.

Nicki may have a point, but check out both albums below and tell us who you're backing!