Michael Jackson's Top 10 Dopest Dance Routines

Headlines 29/08/2018

Today would be Michael Jackson's 60th birthday, and 9 years after his passing, his impact and legacy is bigger than ever.

From his childhood with the Jackson 5, to his legendary solo career, the King of Pop has always been in a league of his own when it comes to getting jiggy and busting a move.

He redefined what a music video should look like with his repertoire of creativity and skill, choreographing some of the greatest dance routines ever, and playing a massive part in the creation of hip-hop dance.

We've pulled together some of our favourite routines ever (in no particular order) put to screen by the King of Pop for your viewing pleasure, so sit back, relax, and witness greatness:

Smooth Criminal (1988)

Beat It (1982)

The Way You Make Me Feel (1987)

Remember The Time (1992)

Thriller (1984)

Bad (1987)

Black Or White (1991)

Ghost (2000)

You Rock My World (2001)

Billie Jean (1983)