Kanye West calls XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, & 6ix9ine the best new rappers

Headlines 31/08/2018

Kanye West may not always be a team player, but he has no problem showing love to artists he vibes with.

Just look at his early albums like College Dropout and Late Registration, he doesn't shy away from guest appearances, and even in his later work he especially embraces new talent coming through the ranks.

He keeps his ear to the streets, always repping the youth where he can (it also helps him stay relevant). And in an appearance on Power 92, Kanye gives his verdict on who he thinks is the hottest in the game right now.

 "Quavo's my brother, I love Quavo," says Kanye. "I love Travis, that's my brother. I love Drake like anybody that's from Chicago. I love Valee." After racking his brain for a minute, Yeezy continues, saying "I love Pump, I love 6ix9ine (the host's eyes widen comedically upon this revelation), I love love love Triple X."

The host questioned his reasoning for choosing 6ix9ine, citing the never ending controversy and drama, Kanye responded:

Man don’t talk to me about controversy, it’s ‘Ye

"We all the same," says Kanye. The host then references 6ix9ine's tendencies to beef with 'genuine gang bangers,' which Kanye responds to with: "So what, this make him a worse person than someone else? He worse than one of our cousins that's like, locked up? That's our family. He our family, we all family." 

Catch the full interview below: