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Chris Brown samples Michael Jackson in new song "Had To Do It... Sorry DJ Khaled."

Headlines 06/08/2018

Breezy is back and he's brought a killer King of Pop sample with him in his new track "Had To Do It... Sorry DJ Khaled."

The song kicks off with the tracks poducer, DJ Khaled, dropping his signature ad-libs and catchphrases before Breezy moonwalks his way into the "Rock With You" sample.

The title of the track suggests that this may have been leaked by Chris himself without DJ Khaled's knowledge or permission, either way we're stoked to get some new heat from them both!

This isn't the first time Chris has flipped an MJ song, with his 2011 track "She Ain't You" featuring a double sample of SWV's "Right Here," which in itself is a sample of the King of Pops classic "Human Nature." 

We hope DJ Khaled is all good with Breezy leaking the track because we wanna hear more collabs in future!