Ice Cube reacts to fans saying MGK's diss-track is better than 'No Vaseline'

Headlines 05/09/2018

Ice Cube is an icon, theres simply no arguing that. From NWA to Friday, Cube has proven to have one of the most diverse and long-lasting careers in the game.

Perhaps one if his greatest assets, is his ability to handle 'beef,' or his ability to react to being called out. As the writer of about 90% of NWA's bars (very very rough estimate), he has no problem when it comes to articulating aggression.

His track, 'No Vaseline,' is considered one of, if not THE greatest diss-track of all time. Coming at the height of his rap career, Cube clapped back at his former NWA band mates in a lyrical beatdown that solidified his place in the history books.

In the wake of MGK's diss-track, 'Rap Devil,' some fans have taken to Twitter to proclaim that Cube's 1991 effort has been surpassed by MGK's lyrical attack on Eminem.

Ice Cube, however, does not agree.

Logistically speaking, Cube makes a good point. 'No Vaseline' was aimed at a group, which in turn, creates a 4 on 1 scenario. And given the fact that Cube came out of that war of words somewhat unscathed, we can't help but agree.

If you weren't around during the time of 'No Vaseline's release, check it out below, and also make sure to check out NWA's reaction to it in their biopic "Straight Outta Compton."