Kylie Jenner earns $19k an hour as the second highest earning celebrity in the US

Headlines 27/08/2018

While most of us scrape through every paycheque, some Hollywood elites have it made with the kind of money they're bringing it in.

Forbes recently published their annual list of the highest earners in Hollywood, and the numbers are, as expected, ridiculous.

Business Insider then published a report calculating the biggest earners' incomes if it was condensed to an hourly rate, which makes their numbers look even more depressingly huge.

George Clooney tops out the list, earning $27,000 an hour. Following Clooney is "self-made" billionaire Kylie Jenner with $19,006, then Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ($14,155), Ellen DeGeneres ($9,988), LeBron James ($9,760), and Taylor Swift ($9,132). Beyoncé closes out the list-of-seven with $6,849. 

To put that in perspective, Kylie Jenner makes the median US annual salary in just 2.38 hours.