Dru Hill announces new comeback album

Headlines 14/08/2018

8 years after their last studio album, and 22 years since their first, RnB giants Dru Hill have just announced that they are working on a new album!

The group are getting together with members of fellow 90s RnB group 'Playa' to create a super group made in 90's RnB heaven.

New group member 'Smoke,' says that the supergroup will blend their sounds to create something new and fresh: "We are bringing our churchy, soulful vocals, which is the foundation of Playa’s legacy, and adding them to the legacy of Dru Hill.

He then went on to say:

For me, The Second Coming is definitely the resurrection of real R&B. Fans should get ready because as of this fall, R&B is no longer dead.

The group posted a new promo photo on Instagram, and it is dripping with that vintage RnB attitude and swagger, we only hope the album is the same!