Brook from Mai Nights has cracked the Top 10 of the Woman's Day Hottest Radio Hunks

Mai Nights 27/08/2018

The people have spoken, and Brook Ruscoe from Mai Nights is the real deal, cracking the Top 10 of the Woman's Day Hottest Radio Hunks.

After singing his heart out in a busy foodcourt, to getting his legs waxed on air while reading the Notebook, it seems like all the hard mahi and public shame has paid off!

You can vote for our boy Brook once a day until entries close on September 9, with the winner being announced on September 17.

Not that you need any other reason to vote, but check out what New Zealand had to say about Brook: 

"Although he's new to the airwaves, he makes nights seem like they're never-ending with his banter and good music. He's also very good looking, like seriously, who doesn't like a guy who has a background in Basketball."

"Brook is a multi-talented, confident star, who's very comfortable in his own skin. Brook enjoys the unexpected and brings humour and charm to the radio, by the truckload. He's simply the best..."

You can vote for Brook HERE