50 Cent and Eminem want to make more music together

Headlines 10/08/2018

It's been 16 years since 50 Cent first signed to Eminem's label 'Shady Records,' but it looks like the duo want to get back in the studio together.

While appearing on Larry King Now, 50 Cent revealed that both he and Eminem have recently been trying out a "few ideas."

Yeah there’s a few ideas I’ve been working on... When I was working with Em in London, he said he had a few ideas that maybe we could work on together.

Larry King asked 50 when we might be able to hear these new tracks, but 50 was unsure due to their busy schedules. "I don't know, when we get a chance to record them."

We hope that they eventually find the time to get in the studio, anytime these two get together something special usually happens. Throwback to 2006 by checking out the gangsta classic "You Don't Know" featuring the dynamic duo in all their glory just below!