'Hereditary' is scientifically proven to be the scariest movie of 2018

Headlines 23/08/2018

What's the scariest movie you've watched this year? The Exorcist? The Conjuring? Saw? Well it has now been scientifically proven that Hereditary is the scariest movie of 2018, and that's a fact.

Studio A24, the people behind Hereditary gave a random selection of film-goers Apple Watches to monitor their heart rate during the horror film.

A24 published a graph of their results that featured five of the 20 participants' heart rate changes. SPOILER ALERT: it looks like it gets pretty scary after the 90-minute mark.

Credit: A24

What they found was interesting, but not really suprising. Their heart rates raised to an alarming 164 bpm, compared to a healthy resting heart rate which is between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

To be honest, the science isn't exactly bulletproof. But it does prove that Hereditary is hella scary.

While it was in cinemas back in June, the film terrified audiences and forced some cinema goers to leave the theatre.

Peep the trailer below to see what all the hype is about;