Steven Adams has been turned into a comicbook character called 'Kiwi Legend'

Headlines 20/07/2018

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has been turned into a comic book hero.

In a video posted on the Oklahoma City Thunder Twitter page, comic artist Corey Lewis Reyyy showcased his creation called ‘Kiwi Legend’, which will be sold at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

Reyyy explained he really liked Adams as a character and had fun making the comic book about the Rotorua kid.

"I love sports,” Reyyy said. “I love stuff where humans are in some kind of game with rules, but they strive to push the boundaries and be the best.

“So with Steven, I like that kind of perspective. He's a cool character to write and to draw."

Reyyy said Adams' character is a "salt of the Earth fella, who's struggling”.

"He's really tough, but he has to learn stuff as we all do. He's got a really interesting family, which is amazing."

Plenty of delighted fans who can't make it to Comic-Con are asking Reyyy on Twitter where they can buy one.

As Adams is a big fan of comic books, Japanese Anime and cartoons, he will now doubt be excited about joining the ranks of other legendary heroes, including Spiderman, Superman and Wonder Woman.