Mayonnaise flavoured icecream is now a thing

Headlines 29/07/2018

In a world of spaghetti on pizza, it was never going to take long until mayonnaise became an icecream flavour.

After previously having served up Monster Energy Drink, cider and Jammie Dodger flavours, Scottish icecream shop Ice has turned its sights to something a little more domestic.

Shop owner Kyle Gentleman, who reportedly has a love for mayo, told the Today show the flavour was a "full-on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy, milky aftertaste".

The condiment flavour is made by mixing Hellman's mayonnaise with Mr Gentleman's homemade dairy icecream, which is pasteurised on-site, according to The Independent.

It has drawn strong reactions online, with some comparing it to being as unnatural as bringing back dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, and others saying the shop owners probably need to go to a therapist.