Kiwis clap back at US TV show after they misuse 'Poi E'

Headlines 11/07/2018

A US TV Show has used Patea Maori Club's 'Poi E' in a derogatory way, and it is not sitting right with many Kiwis.

'Hit The Floor', a new US television sports drama, has used 'Poi E' for its promo trailer. The classic Kiwi anthem is playing over visuals of Teyana Taylor dancing in a crop top and booty shorts.

On the video The Shade Room shared on their Instagram, many jumped in to claim cultural appropriation and show their disgust.

"mmmmmm I don't think Patea Maori Club would like this...especially when you guys don't even know what kupu of the waiata means...if u don't know what "kupu" or "waiata" means, then you shouldn't be using Poi e" said one Instagram user.

"This is honestly moronic and culturally disgraceful to our New Zealand Māori, would love to give you an old school Poi to the head." said another.

It has been reported by multiple news sources that Patea Maori Club have been made aware of the use of their song and that they are seeking legal advice.