Kanye West rushed to hospital by Kim Kardashian

Headlines 24/07/2018

Kanye West was reportedly taken to a Los Angeles emergency room by Kim Kardashian on Sunday (local time) because he was suffering symptoms of the flu.

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The 41-year-old 'Gold Digger' rapper sought urgent treatment over "feeling like crap", reports gossip website TMZ.

Kim is said to have taken Kanye to the West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley.

"We're told Kanye had the flu and it got worse and worse, so he needed some Rx [medical prescriptions] to make him feel better," reports TMZ.

"They were only there a short time and returned home where Kanye could rest."

The Daily Mail cites a source as saying the emergency room visit resulted in a potential common cold diagnosis and a prescription for antibiotics.

Kanye tweeted earlier this month about getting a cat scan after suffering a "sinus headache", which he said felt like an episode of Black Mirror.