Everyone is going in on Kylie Jenner after her latest magazine cover

Headlines 12/07/2018

Kylie Jenner made headlines today after Forbes Magazine debuted their newest cover for their latest issue. 

Forbes Magazine, a world-reknowned American business magazine, feature a very corporate looking Kylie Jenner front and centre on it's cover, accompanyed by the headline "America's Woman Billionaries".

The fact Kylie Jenner, just 20 years old, is gracing the cover of this prolific magazine is pretty darn amazing. And while some are praising Kylie Jenner on her feats on fast becoming America's youngest self-made billionaire, quite a few people have a problem with what Forbes has said. 

The reason why people are more bagging out Forbes and Kylie is less because of what Kylie has done, and more because Forbes has said that Kylie is a self-made billionaire.