Chrissy Teigen's awesome clap back to breastfeeding criticism

Chrissy Teigen's no stranger to being sassy on social media, especially when it comes with people hating on her parenting. 

We can't imagine what it's like to be a parent who's in the spotlight 24/7, but we're living for her latest comeback to people hating on a breastfeeding post she put on her Instagram. 

She captioned the pic, 

Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now,

Some people obviously didn't like the image, one Twitter user commenting: 

Christ in a hand basket. Menstruating, childbirth and sex are natural, too, but that doesn't mean I want to see pics of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or nursing. We get it.

Another Twitter user, who has since deleted their account, wrote that they found the idea of posting a picture of breastfeeding narcissistic.

Teigen wasn't having any of it, responding to the comment: 

I don't care to see grainy fireworks, Coachella selfies or infinity pool pics but I let people live, Calm your tits and scroll on by.

She also denied accusations of narcissism, saying she was "just chillin'" and "posting daily life like I do with anything else".

You make feeding a baby a big deal because you got weird titty issues, 

Sadly this probably won't be the last time Teigen will deal with criticism for her parenting, but haters gonna hate right!?