Cardi B cancels upcoming work, says she's staying home to focus on being a mum to baby Kulture

Headlines 27/07/2018

Cardi B gave birth to her very first child at the start of this month, a baby girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus to her husband and baby daddy Offset of Migos.

While she was pregnant, Cardi continued to work her butt off; featuring on loads of songs, perfoming at gigs and festivals, filming music videos, winning awards, interviews... the list goes on. And before she gave birth, Cardi commited to a full six weeks of being just a mum before going back to the mahi.

Fair enough too, we know loads of mums who work right through until bubs is born, and are back pretty soon after too. Take our girl K'Lee for an example (and read her awesome post about being a working māmā here)

But after her first few weeks of being a mum to baby Kulture, Cardi B has decided to pull pin on one of her biggest upcoming roles - being the opening act for Bruno Mars tour.

Good on Cardi B for making calls based on what is right for her and her whanau!