Beyonce creates history with her upcoming Vogue magazine cover

Headlines 31/07/2018

Beyonce is set to be on the cover of September's issue of Vogue magazine, one of the most famous and prolific magazine's published on the market. And already Queen Bey has shaken up their way of doing things and is creating history.

Beyonce has broken away from Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s creative control in her upcoming Vogue cover story as she’s been given “unprecedented control.” Beyoncé’s first order of business was to assign a black photographer to shoot her cover, the first in the magazine’s 126-year history.

Beyonce selected 23 year old Tyler Mitchell as her photographer. Mitchell, a New York University graduate, quickly became a recognized name in the art world through his work in Cuba and his featured work on Instagram. His more than 40,000 Instagram followers include celebrities like Rose McGowan and Naomi Campbell.