Te Waikoropupū Springs almost have the clearest possible water and it’s beautiful

New Zealand 01/06/2018

We will always be amazed at how stunning our backyard of NZ is, and Te Waikoropupū Springs, near Takaka, is no different.

The springs have been measured in a three-month-long monitoring programme, and results have shown that the water's visual clarity is about 76 metres, and at times reaching 81 metres - that's near the theoritical maximum for pure water at 83 metres!

The springs have been compared to Nelson Lakes National Park's Blue Lake, with Niwa scientist Mark Gall saying: "What this study shows us is that the Te Waikoropupū Springs have exceptional visual clarity, at times close to that of pure water, and broadly comparable to that of Blue Lake which has a visual clarity of 70-80m."

Both Te Waikoropupū Springs, along with Blue Lake, were considered to have some of the clearest natural waters ever measured. They are also the largest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere.

The springs have come a long way since they were last measured in 1993, when the visual clarity was measured by divers at 63m. Divers are no longer allowed in the Spring, which has probably had a positive influence!

The Tasman District Council has identified maintaining the clarity of the springs as a key priority, and an application for a water conservation order has been lodged with the Minister for the Environment.

Just another reason why we're proud to call Aotearoa home!