Oamaru guy makes ice cream flavours only for dogs

Headlines 29/06/2018

Our poor dogs are always missing out on the ice cream, looking at us with those puppy dog eyes as we enjoy our cold creamy treat. 

Well a guy from Oamaru has the dogs' backs with his new development - ice cream specifically made for your four-legged friend. 

Shaun Osbourne, a rugby coach and owner of the Deja Moo ice cream brand, said he's "had the idea for years really, but never had the opportunity to do it until I was going it for myself".

"All the dog treats are soy-based, because a lot of dogs do suffer from lactose intolerance,"

"We have an ice cream, and ice blocks which have seaweed and green-lipped mussel extract in them, mainly for their health benefits."

The product is pretty special, with no other brands in NZ selling ice cream for dogs, and he reckons noone in the world does the ice blocks:

"There is nothing else on the market here, and in terms of the ice blocks, there is nothing like it in the world."

Aotearoa comes in first once again! And we're sure our pups will be happy about it...