NBA star Ben Simmons rumoured to be seeing Kendall Jenner while dating Tinashe

Headlines 01/06/2018

It's been a rough time for Tinashe after her latest album bombed. Now rumours are circulating that while Tinashe was dating Ben Simmons, Ben was also seeing Kendall Jenner!

TMZ released photos of Simmons, who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and Kendall Jenner together on a date this week.

Tinashe’s younger brother Kudzai is the one who revealed Ben Simmons was cheating with Kendall.

Kudzai also claimed that Simmons and the Joyride singer broke up as recently as Sunday. 

To back this point up, Simmons deleted all photos of him and Tinashe from Instagram, but pics of the couple remain on Tinashe’s account.

Things are clearly heating up between the trio!