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Dwayne Johnson just replied to Jimi Jackson on Instagram and he's freaking out

Headlines 05/06/2018

Dwayne Johnson announcing his new Fast & Furious spin-off wasn't the only exciting thing to come from The Rock's Instagram recently...

Kiwi comedian Jimi Jackson got an unexpected surprise when he commented on Dwayne's post, and the star actually replied to him.

Jimi commented:

Paul would be proud

The Rock responded by saying:

@jimisworld Aw thanks man. I think Paul would be proud too. Nice of you to say that 🙏

Jimi took to his own Instagram to show how shocked he was with the response. 

...The fact 1 of the most busiest people in the world still takes time to reply to his fans is just 🤙. The definition of humble should be the rock...

Tu meke Dwayne Johnson.