Childish Gambino's manager savagely responds to claims he ripped off 'This is America'

Headlines 26/06/2018

Last night at BET Awards, Jamie Foxx went on to praise Donald Glover (a.k.a Childish Gambino) for all of his work on 'This Is America', he continued to give this impromptu performance with Gambino: 

Now, two months after dropping his 'This is America' music video; Childish Gambino is now facing an accusation that he ripped off someone else's track. 

While both tracks are different, there are 100% some noticeable similarities between the two. 

It all kicked off when Gambino's manager, Udeorji, denied accusations that Donald Glover plagiarised the track, Udeorji later deleted the tweet.

Some people think that deleting the Tweet is an admission of guilt. Check out the original track from Jase Harley for yourself below: