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Blue Ivy’s reaction to seeing a sexy clip of her parents is hella relatable

Headlines 21/06/2018

Imagine having two musical superstars for parents! Blue Ivy, who’s the daughter of hip-hop mogul Jay Z and songstress Beyoncé had a pretty hilarious moment recently. 

At her parents' On The Run II tour last weekend, she had the misfortune of having to watch a sexy clip of her parents - also known as every child's worst nightmare.

The six-year-old's hilarious reaction to the video interlude was captured by a British Ticketmaster employee called Sara Emerson at the concert in London.

Poor Blue, who had previously been captured laughing with her friend, looks on with an expression of horror that only a child who looked truly mortified by their parent's actions.

Blue's dramatic reaction is actually pretty relatable; you’d probably react a similar way if you saw your parents like that!

Source: Newshub.