Auckland cyclist gets instant karma for running red light

Headlines 01/06/2018

This Auckland cyclist has been struck by instant karma by risking their life running a red light. The cyclist was heading along the waterfront when they were met by the red light at the intersection of Tamaki Drive and Solent St. 

Instead of stopping though, they decided to just keep on cycling. Unfortunately for them though, the po-po were waiting in their car at the same intersection. The cops quickly pulled a U-ey to follow the cyclist and pull them over after the illegal move.

Truck driver Roy van Geffen caught the whole thing on his dash came and posted it to Facebook, saying he was glad the cyclist was caught.

Mr van Geffen wrote:

Instant Karma for this idiot cyclist,

Mr van Geffen told NZME that cyclists are a menace who "think the road rules don't apply to them".

There's a dedicated cycle lane on that road but the pricks still want to ride on the road,

They'll be hit with a hefty cost of $150 - the fine for running a red light. Guts bro.