Ministry of Pacific People

‘Let’s Talanoa’ with Dr. Lesina and Rocky!

Mental Health and Wellbeing

If you've been overwhelmed by all the covid information out there - but still
have questions - listen up!

Pacific Aotearoa is running an 11 week online campaign - ‘Let’s Talanoa’, With great videos from the talented Dr. Lesina and Rocky. Each week they’re talking through a new topic.

It's a safe space for non-judgemental talanoa - they’ll talk you through everything you might be confused about.

Check out this weeks video below!

In our latest episode of Let's Talanoa we continue Rocky's journey to understand how to manage vaccine opinions from others. Rocky and Dr Lesina have a zoom call with Pastor Lina Tipelu and ask her how they can have a positive talanoa about COVID-19. #letstalanoa #pacificaotearoa

Head to Pacific Aotearoa’s Facebook or Instagram for more info @pacificaotearoa.