Guy reads long break-up texts from Google and makes them sound like Drake songs

Headlines 19/11/2019

Tik Tok user @TheCarterSue has discovered that if you google and read long break up text messages, they can sound like Drake songs lol.

He posted this vid to Twitter, which has since gone viral, with the caption "you cannot tell me this isn't exactly how Drake sounds".

And tbh - he's not wrong - watch:

@TheCarterSue, first name Zane, describes in the video - "find a Drake beat on YouTube, look up long break-up texts on Google, and choose your favourite one..."

After the clip got shared around, he tweeted again with some context on how it came to be.

lmao so backstory.... we were both talking about drake bc he’s A1 top tier (put some respect on his name ppl ) and i was like “bro i hate when he do that corny s***” and @Ariea_Bastami was like “what?” and I was like “when he literally just says sentences on a beat” and then...

Give it a go yourself and see if you can do one!