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Go Kiwi Go volunteering

Panui 14/11/2017

Want to see the world and make a difference? Whether you're 18 or 88, adventure awaits and volunteering with Go Kiwi Go is the way to go!

"This was the most valuable experience I’ve ever had while travelling and to be able to just spend 2 weeks (up to 24 weeks) is an easy thing to add into your travels." - Megan Singleton, Blogger at Large

​The world's changed a lot in the last 20 years, you don't have to rush off to university after school, or sit at home mowing the lawns every Saturday in your middle age, and when you retire, bowls is just one option.

So what's changed? People have changed, and the options we have are so much more varied and one of those options is volunteering. Volunteering makes a difference - a HUGE difference in many people's lives and opens up a world of possibility and rewards, giving you a new and fresh way to experience the world.

Sure, you can take a holiday and be a tourist; or you can bed down, get in touch with the locals, help with a project and really get to grips with the local culture, thereby developing a deeper understanding of what other people are about and increasing ​your cultural competence.

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